Doctor Who: Feast of the Drowned

Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned - Stephen Cole, David Tennant
I'm very tempted to just out and out give this five stars. It's David Tennant. As the Doctor. AND in full brogue. In other words, a little slice of heaven. He does voices quite well (though perhaps not so much Rose and Mickey, but … who cares?), does the creepy bits very creepily, and is all in all a joy to listen to. Unsurprisingly.

And it was a fun story, too, about something (*cough*aliens*cough*) snatching up the drowning and doing unspeakable things to them (and the "Feast" of the title isn't a fun let's-have-another-turkey-leg sort of thing, either). The writing did a nice job of achieving Whovianness – always a concern with fan-fiction at any level up to and including authorized published tie-ins. Though … both eyebrows went up, way up, when Cole referred to "the Doctor's sneakers". Uh. He used the correct "trainers" another time, though, so I'll give him that. There was a great deal of running, and reference to the fact that running is very common with the Doctor, and that's all to the good.

But, in the end, even DT wasn't enough to make this a five-star listen. He was; the story was not.

But – brogue. There is something about the way a Scottish man says "book" that … Ahem. Yes. Very nice.