Artists in Crime audio - Marsh read by Cumberbatch

Artists in Crime  - Ngaio Marsh, Benedict Cumberbatch
If I ever finish my book, and manage to have an audio edition, I want Benedict Cumberbatch reading it. Even with all the other readers I've come across whose voices I've fallen for, BC is a little bit spectacular. And I'm not even a "Cumberbitch". This is an abridged version of the novel, which normally I feel is an abomination, but for Cumberbatch's narration? I'm in.

This was the book I heard a clip of on Tumblr, the moment when Cumberbatch "does" the voice of an American woman with a heavy Southern accent who flirts heavily with Rory Alleyn, Our Hero. It was completely ridiculous – and I pretty much headed straight to Audible to buy it. I've come to be fans of several audiobook readers, but the acting chops BC brings to the job are just marvelous. On a page, this would probably be a solid four-star read; the fifth star is all Cumberbatch.

As for the book itself: it's one I read long ago, and not since, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is where Marsh's detective hero meets his artist lady love, and where she is brought back into his life when a model she has employed for a workshop is murdered. This is an abridged edition, but it's well done; it's coherent and lean. I loathe abridgements, but … Cumberbatch. It's pure fun.