And the silliness rolls on...

Someone started a feedback thread asking gosh, why are there so many one-star reviews? Is it a bug or something?


She received a few civil, informational answers. Then someone happened to click on her profile - and check her blog. I wouldn't advise going there; I'm sure her Wordpress stats have had a bit of an uptick as it is, she hasn't earned more. But someone quoted the most recent blog post: "I’ve taunted the trolls myself in hopes that they would respond in kind." It's part of an investigative report, you see. She's Geraldo flipping Rivera, and Al Capone's vault just turned out to be empty.


I almost wish she had actually finished a book so I could but it on my "not bloody likely" shelf. But she hasn't, so I'll just block her instead.


It's just so ... pitiful. I wonder how she'll spin the responses she's gotten into the hateful blog post she wants to write.