Tether's End - Margery Allingham

Tether's End (Albert Campion Mystery, #16) - Margery Allingham

Poor "little Albert", dragged in kicking (literally) and screaming (or at least complaining loudly) to assist the remarkable newly Superintendent Charlie Luke in the investigation of a number of killings.  All Campion wanted was to go on vacation – and shortly found himself unsure whether he was more likely to be kidnapped by the bad guys or the good guys.  

The plot was handled nicely; since the reader pretty much knows the villain is the villain it's more a matter of suspense – is he going to hurt the old lady or the girl, or the girl's beau?  How are Campion and co. going to find him?  (Not <i>whether</i> they'll find him, of course.) And what exactly is he up to? Allingham's greatest gift was with rounded, real, believable characters, which is why her books are so enjoyable to go back to again and again. I liked this one a lot.