The Sound of Music (only not quite)

Carrie Underwood is singing live, and I keep comparing the show not only to The Movie, but to a Lord of the Rings. parody I wrote long long ago.


Caradhras proves to be too much for the Company, and Gimli can be heard chortling as they make their way through the mines of Moria. Realizing the others aren’t quite as tickled by total darkness and unexpected chasms as he is, he starts the company off on a song to cheer them up…


Our Favorite Things
(My Favorite Things)


The perilous beauty of Lórien’s Lady
The Elf who helped slay orcs numbering one-and-eighty
Caverns that glitter with precious array
These help to steel me before an affray


Trees of all species from eldest to sapling
Dwarves with whom I’ve hunted for halflings
The flight of an arrow, songs sung sweet and clear
These are some few of the things I hold dear


Hobbits who never surprise, till they must do
Eagles and fireworks and smokerings that turn blue
Silver white horses that run like the wind
These are what soothes me when I feel spread thin


Mr. Frodo for one thing, and my old Bill, the pony
Old tales and fireworks and a nice bit of coney
Springle-rings in the summer with Rosie-my-lass
Are what I try to think of when my courage won’t last


When the warg bites
When we see Sting
Glowing ‘cause Orcs are near
We try to remember our favorite things
To feel a moment of cheer.


Saying just the right thing to make Gandalf want to throttle
Half pints and whole pints and throw in a bottle
A smoke with some dear friends whom I wouldn’t trade
These strengthen me any time I feel afraid


All kinds of pipeweed, the complete catalog
The brownest of ales, and hair of the dog
The best of companions, through times good and bad
These are the somethings that make me feel glad


The sound of great horns blown, and bright banners blazing
Prowess in battle, and deeds worthy of praising
My city, my father, my brother, my friends –
These thoughts will embolden my heart till the end


The folk whom I keep, all unknowing, from ill
The Lady for whom I would match Elendil
Companions in journeying, comrades in war
These fill my thoughts when my heart grieves me sore


Dear old Bilbo and Bag End ere I’d a need to be wary
Gandalf and Samwise and Pippin and Merry
Recalling my life before talk of Rings
These are a few of my favorite things