This is so flipping cool...

Has anyone heard about this? Apparently over the past few weeks people have been finding very strange notes tucked into books in the library at Southwestern University in Ontario:


There have been sixteen so far - woops, 17. Each one has been found in a plain white envelope, often between pages 16-17, with an object: a leaf (plastic), a feather, or a gem (the crafty kind). Whatever is found with the note is reflected in the "text" - as, in this one, the feather symbol is colored pink. There is always a very simple picture of an object - a drinking glass, a pillow, a table, a box, etc.  And no one can figure out what, if anything, these things say.


Is it aliens? Art students? A local Ikea manager with a flair for the dramatic? No one knows. There's a professor keeping a blog about it - and offering $100 (Canadian) for the answer.


I love this.