How did Goodreads not delete this BBA review of mine?

The Girl With Red Shoes - Kathryn Morgan Parry

Because they haven't. Odd.They warned that they were going to.


To quote author: "I have used reviews that readers have left on my Facebook page but I have removed the user's name."

I for one am not particularly interested in reading any author with such a cavalier attitude toward ... is there another word besides "stealing"? Perhaps "appropriating without consent or acknowledgement of source" ... other people's work.

I'm not particularly interested in reading anything in this person's particular grimy genre ANYWAY, but if I were, it would not be these books.

You know, GR, you're right. The above isn't a review of the book in question, but a commentary on the author's bad ludicrous behavior. (It was too stupid to be really bad.) I put it there because I feel that knowledge of an author's behavior is an important part of a potential reader's decision whether to invest time and money in a given work. So how about this?

The writing I have seen from this author is hair-raisingly terrible.

How's that?